MVC4 – Empty Project Template

This is my first post on Exploring MVC 4 Templates. & i will start with “Empty Project Template”

In Visual Studio 2010 . Create a new ASP.NET MVC4 Project.  Select “Empty” from given list of Templates & click OK.


This should create a project for you with following defaults.


An Empty MVC project provides the minimum set of resources & references to run MVC4 application. Notice that we have no files under Controllers, Views & Models. Project disk size is less than 12 MB.

Hit F5 key to run your application.

Get surprised to see an error page , telling that “The resource cannot be found.” This is because the ASP.Net engine expects a Controller & a View Object.

To make your project work, add a controller to your project.


Notice that we have selected “Empty MVC Controller” Template.

Now we need to add a View Object in our solution.


We will keep our View file under Home folder


Now if we hit F5, we should be able to see a page without any errors.


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