Using Twitter API via .NET

Objective :

In this post i will quickly explain how can we interact with Twitter API using .Net code.

Ingredients :

LinqToTwitter , Visual Studio 2010

Recipe :

You may find several popular Dlls on internet that communicate with Twitter. I have used LinqToTwitter & have found it easy to understand & implement.

You need to have “twitterConsumerKey” & “twitterConsumerSecret” that you will use from within your application. Get your applications twitter credentials from

Our application URL will be like “http://localhost:PortNumber” but once you are on Twitter Applications settings Form : It does not validate¬†“http://localhost:PortNumber” , therefore an alternate is to use “” as our website placeholder. it will serve our purpose. Twitter uses this fully qualified URL in the source attribution for tweets created by your application and it be shown in user-facing authorization screens.

.NET code

Create a simple web application in visual studio 2010.

Web.Config Changes

Add following in your web.config appSettings

<add key="twitterConsumerKey" value="twitterConsumerKey"/><add key="twitterConsumerSecret" value="twitterConsumerSecret"/>


Add following namespace in your code file.

using LinqToTwitter;


I used following code to explore Search feature & User Context.

private WebAuthorizer auth; private TwitterContext twitterCtx;

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)


IOAuthCredentials credentials = new SessionStateCredentials();

if (credentials.ConsumerKey == null || credentials.ConsumerSecret == null)


credentials.ConsumerKey = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["twitterConsumerKey"];

credentials.ConsumerSecret = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["twitterConsumerSecret"];


auth = new WebAuthorizer


Credentials = credentials,

PerformRedirect = authUrl => Response.Redirect(authUrl)


if (!Page.IsPostBack && Request.QueryString["oauth_token"] != null)




if (string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(credentials.ConsumerKey) ||



//Do nothing


else if (auth.IsAuthorized)


//Do nothing





if (!auth.IsAuthorized)


Uri specialUri = new Uri(Request.Url.ToString());




if (auth.IsAuthorized)


twitterCtx = new TwitterContext(auth);

#region Search Text

var searchResult =

(from srch in twitterCtx.Search

where srch.Type == SearchType.Search &&

srch.Query == "Brian Adams"

select srch)


gvTweetView.DataSource = searchResult.Statuses;



#region UserInfo

var users =

(from user in twitterCtx.User

where user.Type == UserType.Lookup &&

user.ScreenName == "prosarfraz"

select user);

string strHtml = string.Empty;

foreach (User objUser in users)


strHtml += "";

strHtml += " Screen Name ";

strHtml += "" + objUser.ScreenName + "";

strHtml += " Favorites Count ";

strHtml += "" + objUser.FavoritesCount + "";

strHtml += " Followers ";

strHtml += "" + objUser.FollowersCount + "";

strHtml += " Description ";

strHtml += "" + objUser.Description + "";

strHtml += "";


ulsrc.InnerHtml = "" + strHtml + "";
<p style="padding-left: 60px;">#endregion}}

Executing this code will redirect the web page user to twitter authentication page. One you authorize from your twitter account it will redirect you back to the application page to process #SearchResult & #UserInfo regions.

I hope this has provided you a quick insight on how to connect to Twitter Api using C# code.


7 comments on “Using Twitter API via .NET

  1. Hi Sarfraz,
    For twitter consumer key I am trying to create a application there.
    But at the moment i doesn’t have the website url and whatever i placed in the website [as place holder] it is you know what(pattern of data) to put in website as place holder?

    • Put and got some consumer key and Consumer secret
      In Aspx page put one gridview and div with the ids mentioned in the code and able to compile the application.
      but got error at the line auth.BeginAuthorization(Request.Url);
      The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized.

      • try “”, by website placeholder You are telling your twitter application that Hey this URL will send u the request to authenticate.
        & Callback URL value is the url where Twitter Page should land back after authorization. You can can use “”.

    • Our application URL will be like “http://localhost:PortNumber” but once you are on Twitter Applications settings Form : It does not validate “http://localhost:8085” , therefore an alternate is to use “” as our website placeholder. it will serve our purpose.

  2. Hi Sarfraz
    My website gerates an error with ulrc: The name ‘ulsrc’ does not exist in the current context
    Do you like to help me? what is ‘ulsrc’?

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